About Us

Jan Gorski, P.Eng. and Jeff Plener, P.Eng. founded Gorski, Plener and Associates Inc. (GPA Inc.) in 1989 and built the company by developing lifelong relationships utilizing strong engineering/HVAC knowledge and providing exceptional service to clients and customers. This exceptional service results from our commitment to honesty, integrity, attention to detail and superior response time.

Successful Manufacturer’s Representatives also require great products, and GPA Inc. has developed strong, long term relationships with top manufacturers in the HVAC business including Evapco, Multistack, Stulz and Climatemaster.

In April of 2011, Jan and Jeff began a successful ownership transition to three employees: Mike Tomkinson, P.Eng.; Michael Beland, P.Eng.; and Mike Ackroyd. Jan and Jeff knew that the future success of Gorski, Plener & Associates Inc. would be ensured by these new owners, owners that reflected the same core values of honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and superior response time.

Today, ‘the three Mikes’ have expanded the product offering, opened a warehouse, added a London branch, and started GPA Factory Service Inc., a new division providing start up and maintenance capabilities for the products represented by GPA Inc.

Manufacturer’s Representative for:

  • Swegon
  • LG
  • Climate Master
  • Mr. Goodtower
  • Tower Flo
  • Annex Air
  • Temspec
  • Stulz
  • Airstack
  • Orival
  • Multistack
  • Evapco
  • TMI

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